Ahmad Al Hajj

Legal Translator
14+ Years Experience

Ahmad is a highly reliable, detail-oriented legal translator who is an integral part of the team. Upon joining MAK & Associates in 2008, he has been the sole translator and is responsible for drafting, editing and translating thousands of legal documents that go through the office.


With a perfect command in all aspects and stylistic levels of the Arabic language, coupled with a degree in English Literature, Ahmad enjoys challenging legal tasks and can articulate write-ups to deliver a concise and clear message. With his background in teaching, he is familiar with various fields ranging from legal matters to economics, financial affairs, technical, scientific and medical fields.


By possessing effective time management skills, Ahmad is able to meet strict deadlines while delivering flawless work to his colleagues and clients, who on a regular basis have expressed gratitude for his skills and expertise in translating case-related documents with ease.

⦁ Translation
⦁ Drafting & Editing

⦁ BA in English Literature – Damascus University, Syria (2003)

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