Alam Nasser

مستشار قانوني
خبرة تتجاوز 27 عاماً
في القانون المدني والجنائي والتجاري وقانون الأسرة

Alam is an assertive and meticulous legal consultant whose ability to read between the lines has garnered him admiration with clients and fellow legal counselors alike. Joining MAK & Associates in 2016, he brings a wealth of experience with over 27 years between running his own law firm in Egypt and consulting in the UAE. Specializing in civil, commercial and criminal matters, a recent accomplishment includes a favorable judgement on a full refund of AED 2.5 million involving an automotive dealer.


Known for his observance, Alam is highly attentive and easily finds misinformation in legal documents and expert reports, challenging and arguing against the status quo and winning. Clients frequently applaud Alam on his immense dedication to their cases, with one commenting that the verdict “was music to my ears.” His ability to be highly persuasive in his appeals are what leads to his frequent success.


Since childhood, Alam always wanted to be a lawyer. Learning about the profession through reading and television is what shaped his interest and what initially led him to pursue a legal career. He continues to be passionate about reading legal journals, working seven days a week and dedicating his time to his clients; there no rest until the job is done.

  • التقاضي
  • Civil & Family Law
  • الملاحة البحرية
  • الشؤون التجارية
  • Labor
  • الإنشاءات
  • العقارات
  • الشؤون المصرفية
  • LLB – University of Asyout, Egypt (1992)
  • مصر
  • Egyptian Bar Association (1993)
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