Mohamad Mostafa

Legal Researcher
7+ Years Experience

Mohamed is a passionate and optimistic legal researcher who is responsible for liaising numerous cases amongst the firm and it’s consultants. Joining MAK & Associates in 2018, Mohamed is completely self-sufficient and reliable, especially when managing client expectations and concerns.


Personable by nature, Mohamed is a skilled communicator and can easily convey highly complex legal matters. His ability to multi-task, conduct legal research and assist the lawyers and court team when needed is preparing him to have a successful legal career. Since childhood, Mohamed has dreamed of becoming a lawyer. His enthusiasm coupled with a passion for law makes him eager to continue his work, gaining confidence and experience before he is ready to transition to the next phase.

⦁ Research
⦁ Court Team

⦁ LLB – Helwan University, Egypt (2004)

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